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William T. Powers archive
at Northwestern University

On August 2, 2014, the archive at Nortwestern University received archive materials from the estate of Willam T. Powers. For the program, click here.

Presentations were recorded and can be downloaded as .mp4 files from this folder. They will not play in your browser, but must be downloaded to play from your hard disk using your favorite program. This means you can play them full screen if you want.

Note the file Contents.pdf, which shows where NU posted the video for a limited time.

Barbara Powers posted pictures, saved as pdf BarbAlbum.

Videos posted here have been downloaded by means of screen capture.

File name Desription Time
01a_Remembering_1.mp4 Allie Powers opening the meeting and reminiscing about her dad 16 min
01b_Kevin_Leonard.mp4 Archivist Kevin Leonard shares information about the archive 22 min
01c_Remembering_2.mp4 Allie Powers continues her presentation with excerpts from letters and anecdotes 16 min
02_Beginnings.mp4  Richard Robertson shares recollections and information about the beginnings of PCT 26 min
03_Social_Structures.mp4 Kent McClelland presents on PCT and Social Structures 48 min
04_Models.mp4 Bruce Abbott presents on Models and Simulations 58 min
05_MOL.mp4 Tim Carey presents The Method of Levels, a major application of PCT. 46 min
06_Future.mp4 Richard Marken discusses the future of PCT 47 min




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