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The Origins and Future of Control Theory in Psychology
Paper explains that PCT is the third Grand Theory in psychology,
with the first two being the behaviorist and cognitive theories
  Origins and Futureof Control Theory.pdf

PCT and its Applications
  PCT applications.pdf
Understanding Collective Control Processes
Pointing the way to a new approach in sociology
  Understand Collective Control.pdf

An Embodied Grammar Of Words
Integrating the science of PCT and the science of language

Restoring Purpose in Behavior

How Basal Ganglia Outputs Generate Behavior
The “Basal Ganglia” control Transition perceptions.
This explains symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and generates testable predictions
  PDF-Article             PDF-Correction

A Biopsychosocial Model Based On Negative Feedback And Control
A review article
              Biopsychosocial model.pdf

Models and Their Worlds
Comparing the behavior of different conceptual models
A Model of Kinesthetically and Visually Controlled Arm Movement
Detailed info on the “Little Man” computer program

Man-Machine Interface Design
  Perceptual control and layered protocols:
  Fundamental concepts                   Protocol grammar




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